Quarring process

1 The first stage consists in cutting the mountainside horizontally. A special chain saw is used to perform this task. This is an innovative machine, similar to a large electric saw, travelling on two rails. It has a 3.5 metre blade fitted with diamond or Widia segments, which cut the stone like a knife.

2 The second stage consists in cutting the mountainside vertically. The diamond wire saw is used to cut the block free from the mountain. This machine is made up of a trolley travelling on two rails, an electric motor and a lateral pulley fitted with a diamond saw. The diamond wire is passed through access drill holes and over the pulley.

3 The third stage is the squaring of the blocks: after the block has been turned over it is divided into parts with the diamond wire saw.

 To ensure a high standard of safety and injury prevention in its extracting operation, ESCAVAMAR fully applies the latest regulations in this regard. In order to better plan activities, ESCAVAMAR performs free inspections and feasibility reports.