Our story

The evolution of a passion

Escavamar Srl was founded in 2012 as a company specialized in mining for third parties.

In 2014, after obtaining the authorizations for the cultivation of the Grand Antique d'Aubert® marble quarry, Escavamar transformed its identity by becoming a company specialized in the marketing and export of blocks and slabs of marble from the various quarries owned on the French territory.

The various extraction sites owned by ESCAVAMAR SRL allow us to offer unique materials of rare beauty known since Roman times, forgotten and brought back to the fore thanks to the passion that drives our work: GRAND ANTIQUE D'AUBERT®, NOIR ANTIQUE, PIERRE DE BROUZET, BRECHE DE BENOU.

Enjoy your trip

Our aim is to enhance the beauty of stone by enhancing, through human intervention, the characteristics it naturally possesses.

Our values

Experience and commitment are the values that inspire our business.
Enhancing the beauty of stone is our goal.
Passion is the engine that moves our daily work.